How We Decided To Open A Donut Store

Joe was a regular at the Donut Hole. When they closed down he bought some of the equipment figuring that if nobody started making good donuts, he could just make them for himself.

With the OK from his wife Kristin, Joe put a proofer downstairs in their basement, and started experimenting with donuts. There were a lot of failed experiments that went into the trash, but now and then one went right. Joe and Kristin worked together to develop their five original donuts: the vanilla glazed, the buttercream maple bar, the pina colada, the doc holiday and the Pebble Beach.

With help from the kids, Kyleigh and Travis, they would make donuts for get-togethers with friends. Their friends really LIKED those goofy donuts that Joe and Kristin had just made in their kitchen. Before long, they were getting requests for donuts, and with a lot of encouragement from friends and family, they started looking into the possibility of opening an actual donut shop.

A year after the donut hole closed, Joe and Kristin took their life’s savings and agreed to jump off the deep end and open a donut shop, with the goal of making donuts that are fun, and just make people happy.

What's in a name

Believe it or not, coming up with a good name for any store can be very perplexing… The Dirty Dozen was the final product after several attempts that just did not cut it.

The first name offered up by Joe’s ever so helpful brothers was Joe-Nuts but that was just disturbing.

The next working title was Joe’s Super Awesome Donuts… OF JUSTICE! But Kristin shot that one down, too.

That was when Joe decided he wanted to build a monster truck with Kristin’s picture on it… he would name it Dream Crusher. Kristin tried to smack Joe and Joe ran real fast.

Next came Supermassive Donuts. Joe loves the song: Supermassive Black Hole by Muse. the name seemed to be a hit with both science geeks and 80s freaks (probably why Joe liked it so much!). And let’s face it… you can’t get bigger and better than Supermassive!! (echo, echo, echo…)

While still debating the name, Joe and Kristin endured a long and unsuccessful search for a place to put a donut shop. The old Wok-n-Roll building on the west side became available. Knowing that we could save money by leaving the oriental decor, we briefly became Happy Lucky Good Donut… but that building fell through so we were back to Supermassive Donuts.

Kristin was never really sold on the name, so when they finally found the corner shop at 1433 11th Ave, Joe brought home the new business license, proudly proclaiming Supermassive Donuts as something more than just a pipe dream!!

And then Kristin made the stinky face and Joe reluctantly decided that maybe Supermassive Donuts was just too much to say…

Joe told his wife that she was right, and that made her day. He told her they probably needed something that rolled off the tongue a little better. Kristin’s response was “How about The Dirty Dozen?”

And it did sound good… Really good.

Joe immediately went down and changed the business name and they lived happily ever after.