Curious George

Banana cream on the inside, nutella buttercream icing on the outside. Drizzled in caramel and chocolate sauce.

Pumpkin spice donut THe Dirty Dozen Donuts Shop Helena MT

Pumpkin Pie

Our Bismarck topped with maple buttercream and filled with a delicious pumpkin bavarian cream. The designs vary from caramel vines to candy corn jack-o'-lanterns, subject to the whims of our donut finishers that day!

Caramel Apple The Dirty Dozen Donuts Helena MT

Caramel Apple

Our Bismarck with red caramel buttercream, filled with apple pie filling and garnished with a leaf and a pretzel stem!

Labyrinth The Dirty Dozen Donuts, Helena MT


Our long john with peanut butter buttercream drizzled with chocolate, caramel and topped with chopped peanuts.


Doc Holiday I'm your huckelberry the-dirty-dozen-donut-shop-helena

Doc Holiday (I'm your huckleberry)

Our Bismarck with real huckleberries in the vanilla glaze and huckleberry icing.

Tiramisu the-dirty-dozen-donut-shop-helena


Our long john donut with espresso buttercream, Bavarian filling topped with chocolate and caramel sauce.



Our long john donut with maple buttercream and real bacon bits on top. If you've seen the movie, you get it.

Maple Bar

Our long john with maple buttercream made with real maple syrup.

Tiger Tail

Our long john donut, with maple buttercream and chocolate glaze.


Vanilla Cake

Our classic cake donut with your choice of powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar or homemade vanilla glaze.

The Bavarian The Dirty Dozen Donut Shop Helena MT

The Bavarian Cream

Our Bismarck topped with chocolate fudge icing and filled with our home made, fluffy Bavarian cream.

The persian weekend special the dirty dozen donuts helena mt

The Persian

Our take on the cinnamon roll! Raised donut dough, swirled with cinnamon and covered in our awesome buttery glaze.

Chocolate glazed donuts the-dirty-dozen-donut-shop-helena

Chocolate Glazed

Our raised donut with a chocolate glaze.


Dirty Dave

Our raised donut base with peanut butter buttercream frosting and crushed chocolate cookie pieces on top.

Dave was our very first fan. He was always coming up with weird new ideas for donuts for us to try. He wanted a donut named after him and started doling out ideas. One was the Pebble Beach, but I'd already thought of it so it doesn't count. Then he wanted a Jack Daniels donut, but we said no.

Finally he came up with one that didn't involve alcohol or that we had already thought of: the Dirty Dave. 

apple fritter the-dirty-dozen-donut-shop-helena

Apple Fritters

Our best fritter, with real apples and homemade vanilla glaze.

Best old fashioned the-dirty-dozen-donut-shop-helena

Old Fashioned

Our classic old fashioned cake donut, with vanilla glaze or without.

Cocoa beach Pebble beach the-dirty-dozen-donut-shop-helena cereal donut fruity pebbles

Cocoa Beach

Our long john donut with vanilla buttercream and crispy chocolate cereal.

Pebble Beach

Our raised donut with vanilla buttercream and crispy fruity cereal.

PBJ donut the-dirty-dozen-donut-shop-helena

PB & J (seasonal)

Our Bismarck with peanut butter buttercream, raspberry filling and toasted peanut garnish.

Blueberry Filled

Our Bismarck donut filled with blueberry jam.

Chocolate Cherry

Our Bismarck with chocolate glaze and cherry jam.

Lemon Drop Kid

Our Bismarck topped with our lemon glaze made with real lemons and a big dollop of lemon filling on top. Named after our favorite Christmas movie, and lovingly hand crafted by our amazing pastry chef Karlee.


Strawberry Lemonade

Our Bismarck with our handcrafted tart lemon glaze and filled with strawberry preserves.

Raspberry Filled

Our Bismarck donut filled with real raspberry jam.

PB & J

Our Bismarck with peanut butter buttercream, raspberry filling and toasted peanut garnish.

Peaches and Cream

Our Bismarck with peach filling and vanilla icing.

Variety cake donuts the-dirty-dozen-donut-shop-helena

Cake Donuts

Vanilla cake with powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, vanilla glaze, huckleberry glaze or chocolate glaze with sprinkles.

Blueberry cake with vanilla glaze.

Chocolate cake with chocolate glaze or chocolate glaze with sprinkles.

pina colada the-dirty-dozen-donut-shop-helena

Pina Colada

Our long john donut with coconut buttercream frosting, coconut and pineapple. Even people who hate coconut have fallen in love with this one.