Montana Coffee Traders roasts some of the best coffee in the world in an old farmhouse in Whitefish, Montana. Their beans are roasted with the perfect balance of heat, clean mountain air, and quality coffee. They are a company of integrity; buying organic, fair trade and shade grown certified coffees and they strive to operate in a manner that respects, supports and profits the people, the communities and the land that sustains us.

We here at The Dirty Dozen handpicked several blends to perfectly complement our donuts.

And our espresso is as delicious as it is pretty!


Coffee Pack

Donuts are better with coffee! Get a carafe with all the accoutrements for your next party.

Includes: cups, lids, sleeves, stir sticks, napkins, non-dairy creamer, dairy creamer, raw sugar, regular sugar, no calorie sweetener, carafe, and coffee. Serves 12.